iManager Ports Introduction

SuperMap iManager uses some HTTP ports by default, please make sure these ports are available when start up iManager, otherwise, some functions might be unavailable. Please open the ports in Table 1.0 before installing iManager.

Port Useage
8390 iManager UI—iManager front end interface
80 Nginx—Built-in Nginx
5601 Kibana—Show the logs of GIS server
9201 ElasticSearch—The logs storage of GIS server
9183 BSlicense Server—SuperMap License Center(For Web) server
3316 Metis MySQL—Storage the data of AIops Metis
8123 Metis Svr—The server of AIops Metis


  1. All ports are TCP protocol.
  2. Other ports can be temporarily opened as needed. Please refer to Tutorial > Appendix Question 30 to see how to open ports temporarily and view the opened ports.

If you need to monitor the GIS server, please open the ports in the table below on the machine where SuperMap iServer is used. You need to upload data to the Zabbix service of iManager through Port 10050.

Port Useage
8090 Service starting port of iServer
10050 Process monitoring port of iServer