Docker Multi-machine

Before you create a multi-machine GIS big data site, you should configure the node first. After logging into SuperMap iManager, on the “system configuration” page, click the “Docker Multi-Machine” item to enter the following page to manage the node.


Import Swarm Mode

click “Import Swarm Mode Configuration”. Please refer to Use iManager > GIS Big Data Management > Multi-machine > Swarm Mode Deployment for the configuration of Swarm Mode.


  • Master Node IP: The IP of Swarm Mode Master Node.
  • Master Node Port: The port of the Docker exposed to Master Node.

After completing the above information, click the OK button and the page will show configuration of Swarm Mode node, as shown in the following figure:


Modify Port

Click the icon editbtn of node ip, you can modify the port of node ip.

Modify Label

On the Manage Node page, you can modify label of Swarm Mode node. Click Modify Label to enter Modify Label page, you can click ”-” button to remove the unnecessary label, also you can click ”+” button to add new label, as shown in the following figure:


  • key: the key value of the label.
  • value: the value of the label.

Configurate Repository

The repository is used to obtain the image of creating a multi-machine GIS big data site. Click “Registry” item on the “Docker Multi-Machine” page to enter repository configuration page, as shown in the following figure:


You can click “Modify” button to modify the address of repository.


  • Repository Address: Enter the address of repository.