IP Management

SuperMap iManager provides the IP management function. The administrator can allocate IP resources in advance for the GIS environment and also manage the assigned IP resources. IP resource is the key to the success of GIS environment. Before creating GIS environment, please allocate IP resources for GIS environment. Login iManager as the administrator, then click “IP Management” or access the URI (http://localhost:8390/imanager/staticFiles/views/configuration/networkManage.html) to enter IP management page. If your virtualization platform is Docker, you do not need the IP management.

Add IP Configuration

In IP management page, click the “Add IP Configuration” button, in the pop-up dialog box, it will automatically get and fill in currently used virtual platform IP (section) , subnet mask and default gateway. You can also modify IP (section), the subnet mask and default gateway according to actual condition. Click “Confirm” to add the IP configuration.

The new IP can be the same with the original IP (section). After you add the IP configuration, you can get the available IP resource. You can view the IP configuration information, such as IP (section), subnet mask, and default gateway on the IP management page.


Check IP Usage Status

In the “IP List” of IP management page, you can view all the IP address specified by the IP configuration items in the current iManager system, as well as the useage of each IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and the user. The IP status has the following three types: assigned, not assigned, and occupied.

“Assigned” means the IP address has been assigned to the newly created GIS environment; “Not assigned” indicates that the IP address can be used by the newly created the GIS environment; “Occupied” means that the current IP address has been occupied by other machines, and can not be assigned to the newly created GIS environment. You can also use the IP address useage and user filtering, such as retrieving the IP used by the common user.


In the “IP Usage” chart of IP management page, you can see the total number of assigned and not assigned IP. Move the mouse to statistical figure of corresponding area, the area of IP address will be displayed in the “IP list” on the left. For example, if the mouse moves to assigned area, “IP list” on the left will display the assigned IP addresses.

Manage IP Configuration

In the IP management page, click the “Edit” button after the IP configuration item, which can modify the basic information of the current IP configuration item, such as IP (section), subnet mask and default gateway; Click the “Delete” button after the IP configuration item, and you can delete the current IP configuration item. After selecting multiple IP configuration items, click “Remove IP configuration” button to realize the batch deletion of IP configuration items.

After the IP configuration items are modified and removed, the “IP List” and “IP Usage” statistics are changed.