Manage SGS(Multi-machine)

View SGS(Multi-machine)

You can view the SGS that the current user has created, and the details of SGS, such as site name, address, state and operations on the SGS page.


View SGS(Multi-machine) Details

You can view SGS details by clicking SGS name or “Detail” button on the SGS lists page.


  • Host IP: The IP of multiple hosts is displayed when the service is deployed on multiple hosts.
  • Service Mode:including replicated and global.

    • “replicated”: A container that runs the service of a specified number on the swarm mode node.
    • “global”: A container to run a service on each swarm mode node.
  • Replicas: The format is a/b. a means the number of online replicas and b means the number of expected replicas.
  • Logs: You can view service’s logs. Notice: When a service is deployed on multiple hosts, the average number of logs is obtained from multiple hosts, displaying container logs on multiple hosts.
  • Redeploy: SuperMap iManager will redeploy service after clicking “Redeploy” button. This operation will not delete the mount data volume.

Remove SGS(Multi-machine)

You can remove one or more SGS which is needless on the SGS lists page.