GIS Services Inspection

SuperMap iManager supports to inspect a single iServer service; support to add the iServer service address to monitoring; support mail alarm for services that do not meet the expected status codes.

View the iServer service inspection list

After login iManager, enter the GIS server details page, then click the “Services list” in “GIS server details” page to enter iServer service inspection list. As demonstrated in the figure below:



  • The expected code is 200.
  • If the url does not meet the expected state, the system will send an alarm email.
  • The silent time of alarm email is 24 hours.
  • A recovery email is sent when it changed to the expected state.

Synchronize iServer service

iManager supports to synchronize iServer service, that is, when the iServer service is increasing or decreasing, the system prompts you for a change in the iServer service. Move the mouse to the “Synchronous iServer Service” button, it will prompt you for specific changes to the iServer service. As demonstrated in the figure below.


If you want to synchronize iServer service, please click the “Synchronize services” button. The interface is as shown below.


In iServer service inspection list, you can remove the iServer service which does not need to be monitored.

The remove operation will not delete the service from iServer.