Customize the Product Information

The content below is going to introduce how to replace the product name and Logo of iManager.

Please follow the steps to replace the product information:

  1. Go to the iManager installation directory(the directory in which you executed ./startup or ./start command to start iManager).
  2. Start up iManager, execute:

    sudo ./startup.sh

    Notes: If iManager has already started up, skip steps 1 and 2.

  3. Download the package ‘imanager-custom.zip’, click to download.
  4. Unzip ‘imanager-custom.zip’.
  5. Enter the folder ‘imanager-custom’, copy the files ‘custom-file_en.json’ from the folder, and plaste to the volume directory of the machine which iManager is running on(/var/lib/docker/volumes/imanager_imgr-custom-volume/_data).
  6. Enter the volume directory of iManager machine:

    cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/imanager_imgr-custom-volume/_data
  7. Open the edit interface of ‘custom-file_en.json’ file, execute:

    vi custom-file_en.json
  8. Edit ‘custom-file_en.json’ file, replace the iManager product name to your product name.

       "header": "iManager"
  9. Save and quit the edit interface.
  10. Rename your LOGO file to ‘iM-logo.svg’, copy and plaste the LOGO file ‘iM-logo.svg’ to the volume directory of iManager machine(/var/lib/docker/volumes/imanager_imgr-custom-volume/_data).
  11. Restart the container of imanager-ui, execute:

    docker restart imanager_imanager-ui_1