iManager For Bigdata Multi-machine Deployment Guide


In iManager, GIS Big Data Site deploy Docker,support multi-machine,some important concepts in the programe are as follows:

GIS image registry:GIS programe center, all the programe can be obtained here:

iManager:comprehensive GIS operational management center,can deploy and manage GIS Big Data Site by UI:

Docker resource pool:the place where GIS programe run on,offer resources like CPU ,memory and storage,etc

Logic diagram is as follows:


you can either deploy GIS image registry and imanager on a same machine or diferent machines .This document illustrate the deloyment by using two machines as example.

machineA(IP: GIS image registry and iManager,as Swarm manager node at the sametime

machineB(IP: Swarm worker node.

iManager deployment has the following steps:

  1. Install docker
  2. Start GIS image registry
  3. start iManager
  4. Deploy docker resource pool
  5. Configure docker resource pool

iManager Solution Deployment Has The Following Steps

Select appropriate offline-docker-*.tar.gz for Machine A and B according to the operating system.

Place the supermapdockerforubuntu16.04.tar.gz package in any directory on the machine.

Extract (modify the package name to actual name):

tar -zxf offline-docker-*.tar.gz

Go find the readme.txt file in the extracted folder, follow the step to install:

Verify:check docker version,if you see the output like ’*_Docker version *.*.*’, it means Docker install successfully

docker -v

Both machine A and B need to install docker.

Start GIS image registry

Place the GIS image registry package supermap-imanager-*-*-*-registry-multi-node.tar.gz in any directory on the machine A.


tar -zxf supermap-imanager-*-*-*-registry-multi-node.tar.gz

Enter the extracted root directory:

cd supermap-imanager-docker-images

Install (“sudo” command is necessary):

sudo su
chmod +x ./startup.sh && ./startup.sh

Verify: Execute the following command,if there is no error,it start successfully.Where <ip> is IP of machine A where GIS image registry is installed

Notes: GIS image registry address is <ip>:5000.Where <ip> is IP of machine A .here in the example:

Start iManager

  1. Extract

    Place the supermap-imanager-*-*-*-linux64-docker-multi-node.tar.gz package in any directory on the machine A,Unzip (modify the package name to the real package name):

    tar -zxf supermap-imanager-*-*-*-linux64-docker-multi-node.tar.gz

    Enter the extracted root directory:

    cd supermap-imanager-docker
  2. Start/Stop iManager

    Start iManager:

    sudo su
    sudo ./startup.sh --advertise-addr <native ip> --registry <GIS image registry ip>:5000

    Perform the following command to stop iManager:

    sudo ./shutdown.sh
  3. Access iManager services


    Where {IP} is IP of machine A.

Deploy Docker Resource Pool

This document illustrate the deloyment by using the two machines which we used before ,machine A as the manager,machine B as worker.

Initialize swarm mode:Execute the command on machine A.Where <ip> is IP of machine A .

docker swarm init --listen-addr <ip>

you will see the following output:


Join machine B into Swarm Mode as worker:Execute the command given by the previous step on machine B (the content of the red box).If you see the output like the following.Machine B join successfully:


Execute the command on Swarm Mode manager(machine A) to see Swarm Mode nodes list.

docker node ls

If you see the output like the following,resource pool deploy successfully


Swarm Mode manager is: <ip>:2375.Where <ip> is IP of machine A .In the example is:

Configure Docker Resource Pool

  1. Import Swarm Mode configuration

    Logs on to iManager, the user can access the iManager ” GIS Big Data Site” page, click “Multi-machine” item on the ” GIS Big Data Site” page to enter the GIS Big Data Site multi-machine page, click “management node” to enter the following page to manage the node..


    Click “Import Swarm Mode Configuration”.


    Manager IP:Swarm Mode manager IP(machine A).

    Manager port:The port of the Docker on manager (machine A) exposed to Master Node:2375.

    After completing the above information, click sthe OK button and the page will show configuration of Swarm Mode node, as shown in the following figure:


  2. Configurate Repository

    Click “Repository” item on the “Manage Node” page to enter repository configuration page, as shown in the following figure:


    You can click “Edit” button to modify the address of repository.


    Repository Address: Enter the address of GIS image registry.

Create GIS Big Data Site(Multi-machine)

  1. You can click “Multi-machine” item on the “GIS Big Data Site” page to enter the GIS Big Data Site multi-machine page. Click “Create GIS Big Data Site”,fill in the correct information and click “Confirm” button
  2. GIS Big Data Site contain multi-node,if you want confine the sub-node on some machine,perform the following steps:

    • Define label on “System configuration”>“Docker multi-machine management”;
    • Select Advanced Options on Create GIS Big Data Site (Multi-machine) page,set constraints value to “node.labels” ,and select the node label you define in previous step:
    • Click “Confirm” button to create.