SuperMap iManager New Features

SuperMap iManager 11i(2022) SP1

Version Number: 11.0.1 Release Date: 2022.10


  • Restores the vulnerability that Zabbix unauthorized access
  • Restores the vulnerability that Grafana weak password and Grafana unauthorized access
  • Resotres the security vulnerabilities

SuperMap iManager 11i(2022)

Version Number: 11.0.0 Release Date: 2022.06

New Features

  • Supports to add PostgreSQL database monitoring on ARM architecture


  • Only expose the externally mapped ports that users need
  • Resotres the security vulnerabilities of third dependency

SuperMap iManager 10i(2021) SP1

Version Number: 10.2.1 Release Date: 2021.12


  • Restores the problem that Compose application set name is incompatible with Chinese characters
  • Restores the problem that iManager can not import original license after uninstalling and redeploying
  • Resotres the security vulnerabilities of third dependency


  • Provide complete package instead of Monitor package since 10i(2021) SP1

SuperMap iManager 10i(2021)

Version Number: 10.2.0 Release Date: 2021.09


  • Optimizes the steps of removing GIS environemt monitoring

SuperMap iManager 10i(2020) SP4

Version Number: 10.1.4 Release Date: 2021.11


  • Restores the problem that Compose application set name is incompatible with Chinese characters
  • Restores the problem that iManager can not import original license after uninstalling and redeploying
  • Resotres the security vulnerabilities of third dependency

SuperMap iManager 10i(2020) SP3

Version Number: 10.1.3 Release Date: 2021.06


  • Restores the problem that iPortal can not get license address automatically
  • Restores the security vulnerabilities of images
  • Optimizes the style of modifying password window
  • Optimizes the process of customizing product information
  • Update the version of Nignix to v1.19.1


  • Unsupport Education License since 10i(2020) SP3

SuperMap iManager 10i(2020) SP2

Version Number: 10.1.2 Release Date: 2021.03


  • Restores the vulnerability of MySQL Server
  • Restores the vulnerability of jQuery cross station
  • Restores the vulnerability of PHP buffer error
  • Restores the vulnerability of Kibana command injection
  • Restores the Information disclosure of no limit visiting Elasticsearch

SuperMap iManager 10i(2020) SP1

Version Number: 10.1.1 Release Date: 2020.12


  • Resotres the vulnerabilities of third dependency
  • Supports to docking the Docker environment with TLS certificate

SuperMap iManager 10i(2020)

Version Number: 10.1.0 Release Date: 2020.09

New Features

  • New added gray color theme skin


  • Supported automatic warning when monitor objects offline
  • Supported switch iServer service to https protocol
  • Optimised help documentation, upgraded to online documentation

SuperMap iManager 10i SP1

Version Number: 10.0.1 Release Date: 2019.12

New Features

  • New added Intelligent Alarm function
  • Supported new created GIS environment gaining license automatically
  • New added alarm rule management for general monitoring and database monitoring


  • Upgraded Zabbix to version 4.2

SuperMap iManager 10i

Version Number: 10.0.0 Release Date: 2019.9

New Features

  • New added SuperMap License Center(For Web), provide new rules to manage and allocate license
  • Supported administrator to lock abnormal account
  • Based on Cloud Native GIS architecture, release iManager for Kubernetes version


  • Optimised the monitoring process of Oracle database
  • Optimised account safety, enhanced the difficulty of violent decryption

SuperMap iManager 9D(2019) SP2

Version Number: 9.1.2 Release Date: 2019.4

New Features

  • New added operation logs, allows to check operation history on UI


  • Optimised account safety, avoid to violent decryption
  • Enhanced rules and standards, the third part dependencies show the rights of open resources
  • Upgraded jre version to open-jre8

SuperMap iManager 9D(2019) SP1

Version Number: 9.1.1 Release Date:2018.12

New Features

  • New added data backup and restore functions
  • All old versions can be easily upgrade, the Agent installed in old version is compatible in new version
  • New added “for-monitor” package, the package is used for monitor only


  • Optimised UI
  • The vim added in the container, it is convient to edit and operate
  • New added complex password requirement for the user
  • Simplified configure https, https protocol can be used by configuring environment variables

SuperMap iManager 9D(2019)

Version Number: 9.1.0 Release Date:2018.9

New Features

  • GIS servers and GIS sites for Docker platform open FTP upload entry.
  • New added General Monitoring. You can add any machine to monitor.
  • UI page elements are fully widgetized. You can drag these widgets to adjust their position and save the adjutment results.
  • New added support for customizing docker-compose-based applications to flexibly integrate industry platforms.
  • SGS added support for dynamic scaling.
  • Database Monitoring added support for monitoring PostgreSQL.


  • Better UI interaction experience.
  • More database monitoring indicators.

SuperMap iManager 9D SP1

Version Number: 9.0.1 Release Date: 2017.12

New Features

  • The multi-machine deployment of GIS BigData Site、Spatial Information Cloud Platform is based towards users deploying services on different machines to improve service performance.
  • Support for CAS single sign on.
  • Support for deploying and managing a general platform. Deploying a general platform of an industry application set with one click, and monitors its performance indicators such as CPU and memory and so on.


  • GIS sites in iManager increase session sharing, which bring more convenient
  • Collect and View the GIS server logs
  • Improved UI and interaction

SuperMap iManager 9D

Version Number: 9.0.0 Release Date: 2017.09

New Features

iManager 9D new features consist of the following 6 aspects:

  • More general environmental monitoring

    It not only supports GIS environments such as iServer, iPortal in any environment (cloud environment, physical machine, etc.), but also supports the monitoring of non-GIS environment, such as database.

  • More abundant monitoring indicators

    Support the monitoring CPU/memory useage of the process/operating system, active session number, real-time access statistics, average response time, URL patrol and iServer map access hotspots, etc., with richer and more intuitive UI display. It also supports monitoring the number of connections for multiple types of databases (MongoDB, Oracle, and MySQL).

  • Humanized alarm service

    The administrator can customize alarm rules according to the online status, CPU, memory, average response time, etc. The alarm will be triggered when the conditions are reached. Alarm forms include UI popups, mail notification, etc. You can also add alarm contact. Moreover, you are allowed to view the alarm history at the alarm history page.

  • Support Compose applications

    Perfect integration with Docker Compose. After configuring Docker and importing mirrors, you can create a iServer application set with one click and customize the industry application set, such as the SGS smart city application set.

  • Support GIS Big Data Site Creation

    GIS big data site supports Spark, Hadoop HDFS, and iServer environments. After configuring Docker and importing mirrors, you can create GIS big data site environment with one click to immediately experience GIS big data functions. Multiple sites can be created.

  • Built-in Load Balancing HA Strategy

    Using built-in load balancers, users can create load balancing groups directly, and you can enable HA Strategy through a simple UI configuration to avoid single point of failure.