Alarm Services

SuperMap iManager provides the function of alarm service, which is easy to operate. The intelligent service can assist system administrator to monitor server status. You only need to set the alert rule for the alarm, such as setting the trigger condition to system CPU average utilization greater than 30%. When the system CPU average useage is more than 30%, the corresponding alarm information will be automatically sent to the alarm contact in the form of mail.

The alert content is also displayed in System Alert information on the Overview page. Currently, there are 6 conditions that can trigger the alarm:

  • System CPU average utilization rate
  • System average memory occupation
  • Application average memory occupation
  • Database offline
  • Application offline
  • Average response time

SuperMap iManager has built-in mail notification configuration, which you can use without configuration. If you need to make additional configuration, you can modify the following parameters in the supermap-imanager-docker/docker-compose.yml file.

  • EMAIL_ALARM_ENABLE: Whether to enable email notification.
  • EMAIL_HOSTNAME: Server to send email (SMTP).
  • EMAIL_SMTPPORT: Port of the server to send email (SMTP).
  • EMAIL_USERNAME: The account to log into the email.
  • EMAIL_PASSWORD: The password to log into the email.
  • EMAIL_FROMEMAIL: The email of the sender.
  • EMAIL_FROMUSERNAME: The nickname of the sender.
  • EMAIL_SECURECONNECTION (optional): Encrypt connection type.