Template Custom Guide Base On The Base Template(vSphere)

Custom template

1Obtain base templates from SuperMap

  • supermap_base_ubuntu14.04_ESXi5.1
  • supermap_base_ubuntu16.04_ESXi5.1
  • supermap-base-CentOS-7.4.1708-ESXi5.1

Import base template

Import base template into VMware WorkStation,take 11.1.2 build-2780323 for example. File > open,open the template that you want import, the following example base on supermap_base_ubuntu16.04_ESXi5.1, click import buttopn on the import dialog.



Start virtual machine

Select the virtual machine named Ubuntu16.04_clean after importing and Right click to select Power > start


Deployment industry application

Install your own industry application(The default user name for the virtual machine is root and the default password for the virtual machine is supermap).

Export industry application template

Shut down the virtual machine, select the created virtual machine, File > Export to the ovf.

Import the template to th IaaS platform

Deploy OVF

Import the OVF into virtual platform.Take VMware vSphere virtual platform for example, open vSphere Client, and select File > Deploy OVF Template.

Convert to template

Get a virtual machine after deploying OVF, select the virtual machine and right click > template > convert to template.

Use template

You can create your own application by associating template to SuperMap iManager through Use iManager > Cloud GIS Infrastructure Management > Infrastructure configuartion > Environment Type Management to Add Environment Type in SuperMap iManager.