Product Overview

SuperMap iManager is a SuperMap GIS Operational Management Software platform, which can be combined with SuperMap GIS portal software, GIS application server software, GIS distribution server software, GIS mapping software, GIS terminal software, and cloud computing IaaS platform to constitute SuperMap Cloud GIS Solution. SuperMap iManager is a comprehensive GIS operational management center, which can be used for application services management, infrastructure management, and big data management.

Primary features of iManager 11i includes:

  • iManager can directly add the existing GIS environment for monitoring. iManager can deploy and monitor GIS environments rapidly with the combination of IaaS cloud computing platform.
  • iManager can monitor service status, service CPU, memory, average response time, active session number, and request number. Rich monitoring indicators can enhance the administrator to understand the operational status of the GIS environment.
  • You can set alarm conditions for the page alarm and mail alarm based on the rich monitoring indicators. When the system runs to trigger the alarm condition, the alarm will be sent to the alarm contact immediately in order to timely provide feedback to the system administrator for fast tracking, positioning, and solving the problem.
  • iManger can monitor the database service and the specified URL status.
  • iManager provides an overview chart for administrators to view the running status of all GIS environments.
  • iManager provides a topological map for administrators to view the availability of all GIS environments more intuitively.
  • iManager supports load balancing, allowing the users to easily and quickly create load balance based on the existing GIS environments to improve the performance of GIS services.
  • iManager supports single point of failure. If an error occurs to the load balancer that provides load balancing, services can still be provided normally, which improves the high availability of GIS services.
  • iManager provides the function of creating (with one click) and managing GIS big data site environment, and users can immediately experience GIS big data functions.
  • iMagnaer provides the function of creating (with one click) and managing GIS site environment, MySQL database environment, spatial temporal cloud platform environment to avoid complex environment creation, deployment, configuration, debugging work.
  • iMagnaer allows users to create (with one click) and manager other business environments, assisting users to deploy industrial environments rapidly.