SuperMap iManager

A Comprehensive GIS Operational Management Center

Product Introduction

SuperMap iManager 11i(2022) is a SuperMap Cloud GIS Operation and Maintenance software platform, which can be combined with SuperMap GIS portal software, GIS application server software, GIS distribution server software, GIS mapping software, GIS terminal software, and cloud computing IaaS platform to constitute SuperMap Cloud GIS Solution.

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Product Features

SuperMap iManager is a GIS cloud management system for the deployment and operation of GIS business environment in the cloud computing platform. iManager makes SuperMap GIS 11i products more tightly connected in the cloud platform. The deployment and maintenance of the products are more simpler and smarter.

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Function Introduction

SuperMap iManager provides GIS environment intelligent monitoring, alarm, Flexible and scalable intelligent clusters, visual resource management, URL monitoring, database monitoring, one key to create and manage GIS sites, MySQL database, and GIS big data sites, etc.

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