Cloud License

SuperMap GIS supports cloud license. The cloud license is bound to the SuperMap sso account, so after you log on with the sso account in iServer, you can activate and use the license.

SuperMap sso is a one point account login system for SuperMap, the account registration address is http://sso.supermap.com/register?service=http://www.supermapol.com. This account can log in multiple application systems, including SuperMap Online, Online shop, resource center and so on.

The cloud license includes two user roles: the license administrator and the normal user, both of which need to be registered with SuperMap Online.

  • The license administrator user is the one who has purchased the license and get the serial number of the product, who is responsible for assigning the license or recycling the license.
  • Ordinary users can use the license and do not have permission to manage the license.

How to get a cloud license

You need to obtain the product serial number first, and the license manager assigns the license according to the serial number. You can obtain a serial number by signing a purchase contract with SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. You can also buy products and obtain serial numbers by purchasing them online.

The steps to get a cloud license through the online store are as follows:

  1. Register or log in SuperMap Online http://www.supermapol.com
  2. Click “Purchase”
  3. Select the license time, add the expansion module, submit the order
  4. Edit the order, select “cloud license” in “license related imformation”, save the edit and click “confirm order”
  5. Pay for the order
  6. When you get the license number, this account is going to be administator account. Go to “Personal center”
  7. Clicks on “Cloud license management”
  8. Select the assigned license, fill in the license number in step 6, click on “search”
  9. Select the prodction, fill in the user’s name, click on assign
  10. The account with the license can be used in iManager

After the license administrator assigns permission to himself, he can also login iServer to use the license.

Use the cloud license in iManager

Manage cloud license

iManager support cloud license. The cloud license is bound to SuperMap Online account, it can be used in any computer. “Cloud license” page provides the function to manage cloud license, users can configurate cloud license in this page. Log in iManager as an administator, click on “cloud license” option, then access to cloud license page. Clicks on “cloud license” option can view the cloud license configuration page. The default does not have cloud license. Users need to click on “log in” and enter account name/password. The account here is the same as SuperMap Online account, check the networking before login. Users can see all cloud licenses in this account. The green background means available licenses, and grey background means have already been used.

Users can select approprirate cloud license, the background would change to blue, it means the could license is working now. If you configurate the license in right way, the cloud license is valid util the expiration time.

View cloud license information

Clicks on “License” to view the license status and the available modules. For more detail, please go to Use iManager > License > License Management page.

Cancel account

You can cancel the current online account on the iServer license management page. After that, it means that iManager will not be able to use the license in the account.


  1. If you use the cloud license in online mode, when the network is blocked, the license can continue to use for 1 hour, it needs to login again after 1 hour.
  2. In the process of using the cloud license, if you need to uninstall iServer, please log out from current online account, otherwise it will lead that the license can not be used on other machines.