Create General Platforms

On the General Platform Management page, click the Create General Platform button, enter the platform name, owner, environment type, environment specification, and host/resource pools in the dialog box that displays, and then click the Confirm button to start creating the general platform. To view the creation progress of the general platform, please refer to Use iManager > Cloud GIS Infrastructure Management > Task Management.


  • Platform name (required): Set the name for the newly created general platform.
  • Owner (required): To whom the created general platform will be assigned, that is, the virtual machine owner. The super administrator can be assigned to all users, and department administrators can be assigned to all users in their department and child departments.
  • Environment type (required): The template type, which determines the generic platform type that is ultimately created. All of the new environment types will be displayed here and you can select according to specific circumstances.
  • Environmental specifications (required): Template specifications, determining the general platform CPU, memory, disk size. Environmental specifications have small, medium-sized, large and other types. The default value is medium. The CPU and memory required for each type is different. When you select a type, the resources required by the type will display in the right prompt box. As an administrator, you can use the new template specification. To know more about the template specifications, please refer toUse iManager > Cloud GIS Infrastructure Management > System Configuration > Environment Type Management.
  • Host/resource pools (required): Host/resource pool can be randomly selected from the dropdown menu while creating a general platform. The prompt box on the right prompts the remaining resources for the physical host.
  • Node IP (optional): Node IP can be randomly selected from the dropdown menu when creating the general platform.
  • Initial password (optional): Refers to the login password of the virtual machine where the general platform was created successfully. By default, it is random password.
  • Description (optional): A brief overview of the main functions of the newly created general platform.

When completed, click on the general platform name link or the corresponding “View” button, the “View initial Password” button to view the information about the general platform.

The above are the options in Linux environment. If you use Docker environment, the required option ‘Host/resource pool’ would rename to ‘Host/swarm’, the ‘Node IP’ and the ‘Initial password’ options would not exist.